Vision Vision Vision

What’s going on everybody bringing you another key step to become successful. Now I have already talked about the first key step which is having a dream. This next vital step of becoming successful is having a vision. Now a lot of people get dreams and visions kind of like all mixed up in this cloud of confusion. But they are actually two totally different things but they are both vital to becoming successful.

When I say your vision, I don’t mean your eye vision, your sight. I mean the vision that  you have for your life now that could be school, work , family , extra curriculum activities whatever is going on the current situation of your life  that is your vision.But vision doesn’t stop there. Vision is taking your DREAM and applying it to your CURRENT SITUATIONS.

So let me give you an example my dream is to become a motivational speaker an author and overall a successful businessperson. Now my current vision though is the business I own with my business partner Josh that take place with my day to day life with my family. So let me explain that to you I first have to learn how to be everything that I dream of in my current situations if I can’t influence the people around me in my immediate circles of friends and family then how can I inspire and motivate peoples by the thousands.Just knowing you vision is not enough you have to write it down. this is a basic life principle that any successful person will tell you that it is vital to you success.

Now I know when I was first told by mentor that I need to write down my vision I was very scared, I was kind of fearful I didn’t know what to do, so let me give you a couple of tips when you write down your vision, your vision is just taking you dream which I already told you in the first artcle and how to do that. You taking your dream and just simply putting it onto a piece of paper and you are applying it to your current life situations. Write down your life situations how they apply to the dreams that you have for your life, its simple as that. It could be a page, ten pages long it is all about your personal dream and your personal vision. Now if you don’t like to write this is where you have to make a decision. I know I hated writing up till this point. If you want to be successful more than you want the life than in your body, then you are going to write down your vision. It’s as simple as that.

If you want your success write down your vision, like Josh always tells me and he tells everybody that he comes in contact with, in order to become successful, you look at successful people and you do what they do.  Now what this vision is going to do for you is this going to prepare you for success it trends you in day to day in which you are going to be doing once you do reach your dream and once you do reach that success.

Your vision is a mindset how you execute things on the day to day basis. Vision will give birth to actions.Your vision allows you to incorporates other people into your life like let me give you an example.There may be five different people who have five completely different dreams but they currently all have the same vision therefore they may feed  of that overall vision to accomplish their own individual dreams and all become successful. Vision is something that going to sustain your dream and sustain you throughout your success.

Now take your eyesight for example now if you cannot see it would be hard to be able to tell where you are going, just the same thing about vision.Your vision in life, if you loose in your vision in life or choose to ignore it you are not going to know where you are going and you are not going to become successful.

Here’s my challenge to you as soon as you done reading this write down your vision, do everything I told you to do in this article, now it may not make sense to you right now and you may now agree with it but just trust me , write down you vision in correlation to what you doing in your life right now because it’s vital to the next step which I am going to share with you the next time.


Having A Dream

What’s going on everybody, in this article I’m going to give you the first key concept to becoming successful. Have you ever noticed that some people walk around with this vibe like they can accomplish anything in life? It’s like they have a perfect attitude and everything goes their way. Think of a family member, or maybe a friend or a co-worker, you probably know somebody in your life who is exactly like this. People want to be around them. They leak this energy, this zeal, and it leaks out to everybody that they come in contact with. Is this person extremely lucky? Is there some secret formula to success? Absolutely not! I don’t think there’s a secret formula to anything in life. What I do believe in is that there’s guidelines and there’s certain blueprints that we followed to become successful. Now, that “majestic” person that you were just thinking about, they’re not some kind of like, crazy advance success robot. I mean, they’re just normal people. But, what I can tell you is I guarantee that person walks around the way they do because of one reason. That person knows how to dream.

Lets take it a step further… So, wait a second Kadir, you’re telling me that in order to become successful all you have to do is dream? Absolutely not! Having a dream is the first step to accomplishing it. Now, from my life experience and the things I’ve been through, and the knowledge I’ve gained throughout my career, I believe that dreaming is the succession of images that reoccur in our thoughts on a daily basis. But still, there’s so much more to dreaming. Dreaming gives you motivation, it gives you joy. It gives you hope, it gives you peace. Even when your circumstances tell you that you should be depressed, that you should be unhappy, that you should be unmotivated, a dream gives you that passion to wake up everyday and have some reason to live life. A dream will push you to places you never thought you could go.

Dreaming gives birth to inspiration, inspiration to yourself and inspiration to the people around you. Inspired people inspire people. Did you catch that? Inspired people inspire people. Dreams only get bigger as time goes on. The bigger the dream, the bigger the inspiration! Now, dreams are not affected by how “well” we’re doing in life. But, I can tell you that how “well” we’re doing in life is directly affected by how often we choose to dream.

One of the coolest things about dreams is that they’re easy to share. If you’re going through a time in your life where everything is just going horrible, nothing is going your way, and you’re just totally depressed, you just want to give up at everything that you’re doing. Or, you’re going through a time in your life where everything’s going your way. You know, you’re going through everyday like, wow, nothing could possibly be going better at this point in my life. No matter what’s going on in your life you’re always moving toward your dream. So, that is what you share with people, your dream. The more you share your dream with people the more it becomes reality. The more you share your dream people the more revelation that you have in order to accomplish that dream. Now, there’s nothing magical about sharing your dream with others, but think about it. When you’re talking to one of your friends, or your family members about your dream you have two minds, two creative minds focusing on one dream, one passion, which gives birth to a whole new horizon of creativity. Not only are you sharing your dream, but you inspire other people to start having their dream. So, you’re probably wondering why am I telling you this? Because dreaming is the first step that you need to take to become successful.

 Just understanding what a dream is, is not enough. You have to do it. You have to set time aside every single day and just dream. Now, I’m not talking about falling asleep and dreaming about popsicle and lollipops, and you know, whatever. I’m talking about specifically focusing on the things that you want in your life. I want to be a motivational speaker. I want to stand on the stage in front of millions of people and inspire them to accomplish everything that they can accomplish in their life. That’s what drives me. So, everyday I spend time thinking about that. I imagine myself with all the lights, all those people focused on me, because I have something to say. Now, the more I do that the more it becomes real in my life. The more I do that the more I become motivated and passionate to do that. That is what I am challenging you to do. If you do that one thing, if you take nothing else from this article, do that one thing and you would have accomplished the first step to becoming successful.